Nobody understands your skin better than us.

Founded as a chic, boutique skin clinic, POUT-A-LICIOUS has grown into one of Melbourne’s most trusted premier beauty destinations. The ultimate go-to Skin and Laser clinic, it boasts the perfect blend of dermal expertise, commitment and results. A visit to our skin clinic in Seddon, will make you witness the essential beauty basics you expect, from waxing and their famous brows through to the latest in effective, scientific anti-ageing treatments with medical grade equipment.

When it’s your skin, don’t take any second chances

 We tend to trust only experts when it comes to taking care of what we love, and our skin will definitely top that list. Our intelligent skin solutions and stand out beauty services are delivered by a team of talented therapists offering more than 40 years of combined experience in the industry. Consult them for advice, because only the best know what is best for your skin.

Perfection, tailor-made for you

At POUT-A-LICIOUS, you’ll find a range of treatments from basic to advanced, which can be combined for a tailored approach to your skin concerns or booked individually. A plethora of treatments are available, making it a one-stop destination for all your skin queries. You could opt for medi-facials to make your skin feel fresh or could go with photo rejuvenation for an effective solution against wrinkles/freckles or to make your skin look young. You could say goodbye to unwanted body hair with IPL hair removal therapy. For your skin solutions, we have Ultraceuticals and dermalogical skin treatments, cosmetic skin peels, and cosmetic injectables to choose from.